Red Cross City Challenge 2023 .Act Out Humanity with LINE FRIENDS

Event Objective

Hong Kong has always been considered a well-endowed blessed land. Under the threats like climate change and globalization, we are at a higher risk to be exposed to natural or man-made disasters. The Hong Kong Red Cross (HKRC) has been committed to offer a helping hand to people in need in times of crisis. We wish the public will walk with us to explore and support our humanitarian works. 



The Hong Kong Red Cross (HKRC) signature event – Red Cross City Challenge 2023‧Act Out Humanity with LINE FRIENDS with the theme of “Search & Rescue” in climate-related disaster will be held this year. We invited global creative studio IPX (formerly known as LINE FRIENDS) ‘s original iconic IP - LINE FRIENDS to join us this year! In the event setting, we bring you to the future in which Hong Kong is impacted by natural disasters. Participants team up with LINE FRIENDS buddies to be a rescue team. They will plan their own routes and rove around the city to explore and experience happenings in the community during extreme weather and natural disasters by completing various “online and offline” missions. At the same time, participants can know more about the humanity work of HKRC, and to act out the spirit with us!



1. Race Against Time

Earn the highest score by completing different missions within a time limit of 180 minutes. 


2. Online and Offline

Participants need to find designated “Check Points”* in Sheung Wan and Causeway Bay district to finish a series of “online challenges” and “bonus tasks”. They can also experience a large simulated disaster in the 4 physical “Check Points” which only available in designated day, and complete the tasks to get points. They will know more about the humanity work and act out the spirit with us during the competition.

*Offline checkpoints only available on March 4


3. Time and Score Counting

Participants are required to login the designated mobile app to earn scores after reaching the “Check Points”. The user-friendly app can also be used for checking real-time scores and remaining time.