Humanity City Challenge

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Game Rules 

Game Briefing (click here for more information)

  1. Download the event mobile app (the download link will be distributed during the collection of the event race pack), and allow the permissions of the required features, such as GPS, camera, or pedometer, etc. 

  2. The participating team can plan their own route, starting and finishing points. Do use the official map to search for the routes to visit different “Check Points”.

  3. The team can get a designated “arrival score” by reaching every “Check Points” 

  4. There are about 60 “Online Check Points” and 4 “physical Offline Check Points” * in the competition. On top of the original arrival score, some “Check Points” have extra bonus tasks, additional scores will be given after completing the tasks. 

  5. The game will end automatically when the time limit is over. The team can also end the game at any time by pressing the “end” button. 

  6. The team with the highest average score in each group wins. If the same score appears, the team with the shortest finishing time will be the winner. We will calculate the average score based on the actual number of participants in each team.

* “Office Physical Check Points” will only be open for the teams to “check-in and complete the tasks” on 4th March 2023 from 9am to 5pm. Participants can deepen their understanding of the services of the HKRC and acquire the knowledge of disaster preparedness via the game. Every participant who completes the mission can get an extra 100 points.  

Game Strategy

  1. There are 3 types of “check-in spots”:

IconScoring Method

Use GPS at the designated location upon arrival to gain the score 

Scan QR code at the designated location upon arrival to gain the score 

Upload the photo taken with AR filter 

The participating team can plan their own route, starting and finishing points according to the score of the “Check Points”, and compete for the highest score within the time limit. 

  1. Some “Check Points” have extra bonus tasks, every team member can participate. Additional scores will be given after completing the tasks.  

  2. The AR Check Points presents the real disaster scene to the participants through the camera filter, every participant can take photo and upload to get 100 points (Each person can only upload the photo once). To increase the excitement of the game, the location of the AR Check Points will not be displayed on the map. In order to spot out the hidden AR Check Points, participants can study the description of the Check Points in the designated areas to look for the location where disasters occurred. After arrival and completing the mission, the map will automatically display the location and the route of the AR Check Points. 

  3. Exclusive High Scoring “Check Points”

    4 Physical Check Points will be open on 4th March 2023from 9am to 5pm, every participant who completes the mission can get an extra 100 points. No score will be given if not arrive during the aforementioned timeslot.

Before departure, click on the description of the check points shown on the map to look for their locations! 


During the Competition

  • Each team can only visit each “Check Points” to collect score once. 

  • All team members must act together and arrive at each “Check Points” at the same time, otherwise no score will be given.

  • Please ensure the smartphones have adequate batteries and data for the race. During the competition, each participant must prepare a smartphone to login the app. Once login and start the game, it is not allowed to switch to another smartphone device. 

  • Please ensure all required app functions have been enabled after login, participants need to bear the responsibility of losing scores due to any setup problems encountered during the competition. 

  • If any technical problems occurred during the competition, such as failure in loading information, app crash, inaccuracy of GPS, etc., you can reboot the app. Quitting the app will not end the game automatically, however the timer will continue to count. 

  • If the problem persists after closing the app, please contact our technicians at 2117 1650. The time for technical support will not be compensated. 


Arrangements under Inclement Weather Conditions 

  • Participating teams are advised to pay attention to the weather reports from the Hong Kong Observatory before departure and during the competition.  

  • If Typhoon Signal No. 3 or above, or Red or Black Rainstorm Warnings is issued by the Hong Kong Observatory, please do not start and continue the race. 

  • If inclement weather conditions continue or the aforementioned warnings are issued by the Hong Kong Observatory, the competition will be terminated immediately. 

  • All registration fees are non-refundable. 

  • Please pay attention to the latest announcements on the event website and Facebook page. 


Friendly Reminders

  1. Since the competition is adopted in the city areas, please maintain smooth traffic flow and be courteous to avoid obstructing other road users. 

  2. Please keep the environment clean. Garbage such as water bottles, food packaging and waste paper must be disposed of in garbage bins or recycling bins.

  3. Bring your own water bottle is highly recommended to reduce plastic consumption.

  4. Participating teams should bear the responsibilities for any technical or device failures on the smartphones during the competition.  

  5. The race should be completed by the participating teams themselves, any format of technical assistance and support from external parties are not allowed. Participant / Team who violates the rules may be disqualified.

  6. Participating teams must abide by the rules of the competition and follow the instructions of the staff. 

  7. All participating teams are strictly prohibited to disclose or discuss any matters regarding to the competition with other teams that have not started their races.

  8. HKRC has the right to maintain, add, amend and interpret any rules or notices; all modifications during the competition should be relied on the latest announcements of the HKRC.  


Important Dates

Event Date3rd - 5th March 2023 (Friday to Sunday)
Registration date4th January 2023 (Wednesday)
Registration deadline24th February 2023 (Friday)
Collection of event race pack25th - 27th February 2023 (Saturday - Monday)
'Red Cross City Challenge 2023 .Act Out Humanity with LINE FRIENDS - Supported By ICBC | LINE FRIENDS Credit Card' Kick Off Ceremony4th March 2023 (Saturday)
Distribution of electronic certificate of participation31st March 2023 (Friday)
Annual Fundraising Award CeremonyLate March 2023




  1. Each group has a trophy and designated gifts for the champion, first runner-up and second runner-up. All participants who have completed the competition will receive an electronic certificate of participation. 

  2. Highest Fundraising Award include: Top 10 Highest Donation Team (Quota: 10 teams) & The Highest Donation Amount Award.

  3. Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Award

  4. For funds raised over HK$1,000 via designated donation link, the team may have the chance to receive gifts (Quota: 100 teams). 


Event Race Pack

All successful applicants will receive an event race pack. 

The pack includes: T-shirt, sport towel, first aid kits, tote bag and more exquisite gifts 


*Participant can get the medal when they pick-up  their event race pack.


Size of the T-shirt:


Kid's Sizing (Suggested age)


Height (cm) 


Length (cm) 


Chest (cm) 


M (aged 4-6)








XL (aged 8-10) 








XXL (aged 10-12)








Adult's Sizing (Suggested height)


Shoulder Width (cm) 


Length (cm) 


Chest (cm) 


S (160cm) 








M (165cm) 
















XL (175cm) 








XXL (180cm) 








*Measurements may vary 1-2cm due to manual measuring           
*Please select the size carefully


Event Race Pack Collection 

  1. Participants can select local courier delivery to pay on arrival or self-pickup for free.           
    Self-pickup dateMid February 2023 (Exact pickup date will be notified via confirmation email in early January 2023)           
    Self-pickup timeMonday to Friday, 10am to 7pm           
    Self-pickup venueG/F, Hong Kong Red Cross Headquarters, 19 Hoi Ting Road, West Kowloon, Hong Kong           
  2. If local courier delivery is selected, delivery fee will be paid by the participant upon arrival. The cost will be varied according to the delivery locations.
  3. Medal and finishing pack will not be reissued if participants fails to pick up within the specified collection period.


Registration Procedure

  1. Submit online/offline registration form

  2. Complete the donation process

  3. Receive confirmation notification from the HKRC 

  4. Collect event race pack

  5. Enjoy the race



Before registration, please read the "Reminder" and collect the following information of all team members: 


Basic information of team 

  • Each team needs to arrange a captain to assist its team members to register and communicate with the conference.


Team member profile

  • Full name in English, ID card or passport number, contact phone number, gender, date of birth, email address, address, emergency contact person and their contact phone number.


Payment method

  • For online registration, please prepare your credit card information (VISA and MASTER only) to pay the registration fee.

  • For other registration methods, please contact our staff.


T-Shirt size for participants 

  • Please select your T-Shirt carefully (The actual products and the size chart may occur reasonable variations, the organizer will not provide exchange services under this issue).


Change of Team Member/ Group

Participants can login to the system to change the information of the team member on or before 24th February 2023 updates after deadline will not be accepted.