Registration Procedure and Confirmation Notice


Q: Can I join the competition alone?   
A: The no. of participants of all groups would be 2-4 persons, participants may invite their friends and family to join; while there is age limitation of specific groups (Family Group, Senior Group and Youth Group), on condition that the participant must fulfill the group requirements. Registration fee stays the same. 


Q: How to know if I have successfully registered?   
A: Online Registration – Participating teams who have successfully donated online and registered will receive a “Confirmation Notification” email within 2 weeks.

Registration by post – After receiving the registration form and donation from the participating teams, the “Confirmation Notification” will be sent via email within 2 weeks. 


Q: If I have not received any email regarding the competition, what should I do?  
A: The email may be mistaken as junk mail, please firstly check the spam folder in your email. If you have not received any information after 14 days of your registration, please email to rccitychallenge2023@sportsoho.com or contact at 2117 1650 (Office Hours: Monday to Friday 9:30-13:00 and 14:00-18:00).


Q: Can I change the competing group after submitting the application?   
A: The participants’ information on the registration form should be final. In case it is necessary to update the list after registration, team leader must login to the system and amend the information on or before 24th February 2023 (Friday). Any modification regarding the team member or group will not be accepted after the deadline.


Q: Why do I need to provide my personal data?   
A: Personal information of the participant will be used for registration and contact purposes. Hong Kong Red Cross undertakes to comply with the requirements of the “Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance” to ensure that personal and organizational data kept are accurate and are securely kept.  


During the Competition


Q: Does participating team need to wear the official T-shirts during the competition?   
A: All teams are required to put on the official T-shirts to complete the missions during the competition. 


Q: Does participating team need to notify the event organizer the competing time and date?    
A: No need. Every team can select freely for the time to conduct the race within the competition period specified in their group in between 3rd to 5th March 2023. 


Q: Where is the starting and finishing points?  
A: The participating team can select the starting points freely within the competition areas. 


Q: Can the participating team collect race packs on the event race day?   
A: The teams can collect race packs in mid-February.


Q: If I cannot pick up the event race pack during the specified period, can I authorize others to collect for me?   
A: Yes. Please fill out the “Authorization Form”. 


Q: Can I send one team member to collect all event race packs for the team?   
A: Yes. 


Q: What equipment should I bring for the race?   
1. The team must wear the official T-shirts.   
2. Each participant should bring along a smartphone that has successfully installed and login the activity app, and scan the QR codes to earn the scores at the preset “Check Points” upon arrival and at the finishing point.  
3. Carry a portable charger.   
4. Small amount of cash and Octopus card.   
5. Pay attention to the weather condition on the event day and take preventive measures, such as applying sunscreen or wearing appropriate clothing. 


Q: If a member is unable to attend temporarily, can other team members still continue the race?  
A: If any team member need to be absent or quit for any reason before the race (referring to the period after the member/group changing deadline, i.e. between 25th February 2023 and before the race) or during the race, the team can still participate but cannot compete for any prize.  


Q: Do all team members need to arrive at each “Check Points” at the same time?   
A: All team members must act together, arriving at each “Check Points” and complete the missions at the same time, otherwise no points will be scored. 


Q: Can I request the electronic certificate if I leave or miss the event for any reason?   
A: Participants are required to complete the competition to obtain the certificate. 


Q: What should I do if there is problem with the app during the event?   
A: During office hours (Monday to Friday 9:30-13:00 and 14:00-18:00), please contact our staff at 2117 1650. If outside office hours, please capture a screenshot to record the problem and email to rccitychallenge2023@sportsoho.com. 


Q: Arrangements under Inclement Weather Conditions  
A: Since participants can freely select their own time to participate in the competition, please note the following:    
1. Participating teams are advised to pay attention to the weather reports from the Hong Kong Observatory before departure and during the competition.  
2. If Typhoon Signal No. 3 or above, or Red or Black Rainstorm Warnings is issued by the Hong Kong Observatory, please do not start and continue the race. 

3. If inclement weather conditions continue or the aforementioned warnings are issued by the Hong Kong Observatory, the competition will be terminated immediately. Please contact us at the office hours.  

4. All registration fees are non-refundable. 

5. Please pay attention to the latest announcements on the event website and Facebook page. 


Donation Arrangements

Q: How to donate after registration?  
A: Online registration will receive an email notification after application, donor can complete the donation by credit card via the donation link in the email. For application by written form, you can either attached with a cheque or fill in your credit card information, and submit together to HKRC Headquarters by post or in-person. 


Q: Besides signing up for the City Hunt, what else can I do to support the event?   
A: Donations are welcomed in support of the event. Information for online and offline donations are listed on the event website and registration form respectively for donors’ convenience.   
Event or team sponsorships are also available for this event. For corporates/donors who are interested, please email to corp_enquiry@redcross.org.hk. 


Q: Can I use Payme, Alipay Hong Kong, or FPS to complete the team donations?  
A: Since the registration process includes teams’ information verification and quota allocation, participants are advised to complete the donation by using online donation link or the registration form (by cheque/credit card).  


Q: Is there tax-deductable receipt for donation?   
A: Tax-deductable receipts will be issued for cash donations and donations for team registration. Please provide relevant information for issuing the receipt.


Q: What is the use of donations for this event?   
A: The funds raised from the event will be used to support various humanitarian services of the Hong Kong Red Cross. 




Q: How to win the top 3 prizes in each group?  
A: The three teams with the highest total scores in each group will be the champions, first and second runner-ups. If same score appears, the team with the shortest finishing time will be the winner.


Q: When will the award ceremony be held?  
A: Final results will be released in late March 2023. The date and details of the award ceremony will be announced on the event website; award winners will be notified individually. 


Q: Where can I obtain the latest news of the event?   
A: For details and arrangements of the event, please refer to the latest announcement on the 'Red Cross City Challenge 2023 .Act Out Humanity with LINE FRIENDS - Supported By ICBC | LINE FRIENDS Credit Card' website and the HKRC Facebook page without prior notice. Please email to rccitychallenge2023@sportsoho.com / contact 2117 1650 for more information.