Enrollment & Acceptance

Can one person participate in this event?

One person can participate in Open Group, Corporate Group and Student Group. For these three groups, a maximum of four people can participate. For Family Group, each team needs to have at least two people and a maximum of four people which includes at least one child from 3 to 13 years old and at least one adult relative.

How do I know that I have successfully applied?

Online Application - Participating teams who successfully donate and apply online will receive the "Registration Confirmation Notification" email from the organizer within two weeks.

Mail Application - After the organizer receives the registration form and donation from the participating team, the organizer will send out a "Registration Confirmation Notification" via email within two weeks.

What should I do if I did not receive an email related to the event?

Email may mistakenly be regarded as spam email, please check the spam box of your email system. If you have not received any email from the organizer 14 days after application, please email to crd@redcross.org.hk or call +852 2802 0016 to contact the organizer (Every Monday to Friday 9:30-13:00 及14:00-18:00).

Can I change the group after submitting the application?

The participant information filled in the application form must be the final list of participants. If it is necessary to update the list of participants or participating groups after application, please email the updated information to crd@redcross.org.hk on or before September 19, 2021, and handling fee (HK$100) will be charged.

After this date, the organizer will not accept any team members or group changes. The handling fee for changing group members or groups is not a donation. Participants cannot be used to apply for tax concessions, and all submitted handling fees will not be refunded.

How to arrange if I have already passed the date of the online briefing when I signed up?

Click here to review the Briefing PowerPoint.

Why do I need to provide my personal information?

According to the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, the Hong Kong Red Cross promises that your personal privacy protection is absolutely confidential when collecting, using, retaining, securing, and transmitting personal data of web users.

The Hong Kong Red Cross collects personal information in a legal and fair manner, and the information collected will be used for charitable fundraising and other activities of the Hong Kong Red Cross.

The Hong Kong Red Cross ensures that the personal data collected is accurate and correct, and will not be accessed, processed, deleted or used for other purposes by unauthorized persons or accidentally.

The Hong Kong Red Cross will never disclose any personal information without the consent of the web user; only trained staff authorized by the Hong Kong Red Cross can use it.

Event Period

Do participating teams need to wear event T-shirts during the game?

Participating teams need to wear event T-shirts during the game to cooperate in completing the task.

Do participating teams need to inform the organizer of the time and date of the competition?

No, the participating teams only need to compete freely and flexibly during the event date from September 19, 2021 to October 3, 2021.

Where are the starting and end points?

Participating teams can freely choose the starting place within the scope of the competition, and the end point is at the headquarters of the Hong Kong Red Cross.

Can participating teams pick up the race pack on the day of the competition?

Participating teams can receive the race pack from September 13, 2021 to October 3, 2021.

If I cannot receive the race pack on the designated day, can I ask someone to receive it?

Yes. Just fill in a "Authorized Collection Notice".

Can one team member be sent to receive the player packs of all members of the team?


What equipment do I need to bring for the competition?

The participating teams must wear event T-shirts.
Participating teams need to bring smartphones with the app from the organizer being downloaded and installed successfully and log into it for the competition, and scan the QR code to obtain scores when they reach the preset "check-in point" and end point of the competition.
Bring an external charger.
A small amount of cash and Octopus.
Please pay attention to the weather conditions on the day of the event and take precautions, such as using sunscreen or wearing appropriate clothing.

If a team member is temporarily unable to participate in the competition, can other team members continue to participate in the competition?

If an individual team member is absent or withdrawn for any reason before the competition (referring to the specified time limit for allowing the replacement of players/groups has passed, that is, from September 19, 2021 to before the competition) or during the competition, the team can continue to participate but cannot compete for any awards.

Do all team members need to arrive at each "check-in point" simultaneously?

All participating team members must compete together, arrive at each "check-in point" simultaneously, complete the designated "online challenge" and cross the end point simultaneously, otherwise they will be disqualified.

What happens if the race is overtime completed?

Teams that complete the competition overtime will be disqualified.

If I leave halfway through or absent from the competition for any reason, can I request the electronic competition certificate?

Participants need to complete the competition in order to receive a certificate of completion.

Inclement Weather Arrangement

Participating teams should pay attention to the weather report of the Hong Kong Observatory before departure and during the competition.
If the Hong Kong Observatory issues tropical cyclone signal No. 3 or above, red or black rainstorm warning, please refrain from starting and playing the competition.
During the competition, if the weather turns bad or the observatory issues the above warning signal, please terminate the competition immediately. And please contact the organizer during office hours.
All application fees are non-refundable.
Please pay attention to the announcement on the event website and Facebook page.