Event Objective

Challenge together for humanity.

Rove around online and offline streets and lanes, start from the community to practise humanity!

The activity is conducted in the form of team competition. The competition groups include Open Group, Corporate Group, Student Group and Family Group. We hope that participants will bring the experience during the competition to their daily lives, extend a helping hand to those in need in the community, show love and care, and build a humane city.

Competition Feature

Race Against Time
Earn the highest score within the specified time.
The Open Group, Corporate Group and Student Group each has a time limit of 180 minutes, and the Family Group has a time limit of 90 minutes.
Online and Offline
There are a series of "online challenges" and "bonus tasks" during the competition in order to allow participants to experience humanitarian works. In addition to "online challenges", participants need to find designated "check-in points" in Kowloon West and complete the tasks to get points.
Time and Score Counting
Participants need to login the mobile app provided by the organizer to earn score after reaching the "check-in point". Participants can also check the real-time score and remaining time through the app, which is simple and convenient.

Sept. 19 Fun Day

The Hong Kong Red Cross has been established for more than 70 years and has been committed to promoting humanitarian action, serving every parties of the community. The Hong Kong Red Cross headquarters building will be transformed into a miniature of the city distributing on various floors on Fun Day. Participants can join various workshops for discovery of humanity and game booths to redeem thousands of fabulous gifts and enhance their understanding of the humanitarian work of the Hong Kong Red Cross , leading the public to start on building humane city together.

Promotion Video

Humanitarian Stories

We believe in the humanitarian values and fundamental principles advocated by the Red Cross Movement; we believe in every individual's ability to prevent disasters and alleviate human sufferings, enabling people to live with dignity; we believe that, through humanitarian education, we can promote understanding, friendship, cooperation and lasting peace amongst people, and build a network with mutual support for the world.

Humanitarian education is a pressing issue that relates to every single human being. Peter Maurer, President of the International Committee of Red Cross mentioned, "we have entered a new era, and it is not a peaceful one. It is an era of protracted armed conflicts, which add up to a world at war. The causes are complex. The consequences are far-reaching. The humanitarian implications are massive."

We hope you can join us together and give full support to our humanitarian education work in this new era.